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Vehicle classification for parking at Quebec Park

Abri are responsible for the management of the non adopted estate roads in perpetuity for the benefit of all owners, residents and the wider East Hampshire community.

Each property transfer contains a covenant that stipulates “The right to use for the parking of a single private motor car or a light commercial vehicle only the parking space shown edged blue on the attached plan or such other space as the Developer may allocate from time to time”.

To protect the structures of the parking bays or roads within the estate and to ensure the longevity of the installations the following Vehicles types identified are to be considered as suitable for parking on the development.


Private single car

The following list of types of vehicle that will be considered to be a private single motor car of light commercial vehicle:


Commercial vehicles

The following list of types of vehicle Abri consider to be a commercial vehicle and are not allowed to parked within communal roads, private garages and parking areas including, courtyards, private bays, private driveways and visitor bays.

For identification purposes the term commercial vehicle is used to identify a vehicle which main purpose is to transport goods or materials rather than passengers. A commercial vehicle will usually be able to carry two, three or more passengers, but behind the seating will be something designed to carry materials or tow something large, and this feature will make up the majority of the commercial vehicle. Often they will be above 3.5 tonnes in unloaded weight.

Abri reserve the rights within the covenants at Quebec Park to alter or change the interpretation of vehicle classification types at our discretion to ensure the estate facilities are appropriate managed.