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Parking strategy

This parking strategy has been produced by Radian Group Ltd the trading name of The Swaythling Housing Society Limited IP 10237R, the landlord of Quebec Park, Bordon, formerly known as Quebec Barracks and the company responsible for managing the communal areas to include the maintenance and replacement of parks, landscaped areas and private (non-adopted) roads within the estate to be known by Quebec Park, Bordon.

Each occupier of properties within Quebec Park contributes regularly to the cost of this service, via the estate service charge. Radian Group Ltd employs a team of dedicated neighborhood and estates managers to interact with all freehold owners and leaseholders who have purchased a property at Quebec Park. When you completed your purchase you will have been provided with all salient contact and other details, but if you require additional information please contact Radian on 0300 123 1 567.


Speed limits

The main road through Quebec Park from east to west is known as Forrest Walk. This road has a maximum 30mph speed restriction. All other roads within Quebec Park have a maximum 20mph speed restriction. Signage is erected in certain areas to confirm the above. All residents are asked to respect these speed restrictions.


Adopted highways

There are no adopted roads within Quebec Park. This means the estate roads and amenity areas are opened to the public and will remain in the ownership of the Swaythling Housing Society Ltd.


Privately maintained roads

The roads within Quebec Park will be privately managed by Radian Group Ltd. As roads are completed and handed over, Radian will introduce the management in accordance with the Landscape Maintenance and Management Plan prepared by Fabrik. Normal practice is that the roads within the development phases will be retained by the developer until all sales of dwellings within that phase are completed and occupied.


Parking restrictions

The following streets within the Quebec Park development will have parking restrictions from 2017 or at the time the road is physically completed and used by public traffic.


Forest Walk


Business HUB (Shared Street 1 & Mews)


James View (Avenue East)


Monkton Drive (Boulevard)


Parking Control Management

Radian will review the efficiency of the parking arrangements at Quebec Park. Should parking enforcement be required we seek to introduce the use of parking permits for the whole site.The permits will be released to residents whose parking spaces are allocated under a right to use by Radian along with a permit for single use of the visitors spaces. A visitors permit book will be provided for use of the visitors spaces to restricted times to ensure fair use by residents.

Each individual permit will be held against a registered list of owners in order to identify any breach within each property covenants. A parking control contractor will be appointed to manage the delivery of permits and management of the services. Permits will be issued to subject to conditions and replacements may be charged for. Anyone not displaying the new valid permit will be likely to get a parking fine if they park outside the restrictions. The commercial HUB permits will look different from the resident permits issued at Quebec Park. This will assist the contractor to identify the difference between residents and business use for the parking restricted parking bays associated to the Commercial HUB. Where required the permit registration number will identify the occupier of any cars parked inappropriately. Visitors parking without a valid permit will be pursued by the parking control company.

Radian will issue regular reminders of any proposed changes until the introduction of parking enforcement to make sure we have allowed enough time to let all residents and businesses know about the changes to the permit system. The decision to install parking enforcement will be made to effectively manage parking at the site should the need arise. Radian will seek consultation with the immediate and wide community on such restrictions.


Replacement Permits

Terms of conditions of issue of the permits will be subject to the appointedcontractor. Radian will not hold any decision making between the contractor and any  dispute that may occur.

Any attempt to abuse the permit system may lead to your permit being suspended.

However, the previous permit will be void and not useable.